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How We Got Started

It all started when I receive this email about reading this book that this guy wrote about Selling Online. It was about how to start your own business by selling products online as a pro seller.  This was back on February 10, 2016,  So I thought about this and was saying to myself that if this person who is 68 years old who wrote this book can do this.  "So why not me". 
So what I did next think about coming up with my company name for this new business.   Them I  started to buy different programs to learn all about selling on Courses.   Once I open up my account with  as an e-commerce store.  Them I had to get going in buying products for my new business. I took a course out about where to buy products to sell as a private labeling.
Once I learn how to purchase products with my branded name on them, Them I put them on my website  under my company name. The name I used for my new business is "DELINE'S PRODUCTS LLC".  After I put my products on my page I started to see sales in about two or three weeks and was surprised. Now I wish I did this ten years ago. 
And some of the courses  I purchase did not tell me anything that I have already read.  I had to learn on my own.  Some of them only tell you about 85%  of what you want to learn, but never tell you 100%.    The rest of the time you figure it out on your own.  As the old saying goes trial and error.
Thanks for reading my story.